Complete Piano

This program is the natural continuation of the WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers. It is designed for children from 6 years of age all the way up to adults. Students learn to play piano through an individually designed lesson plan. The focus is on personal achievement and an abundance of creativity: Apart from the core program, students regularly compose and learn to improvise as well.


Since this program is built around the individual needs and preferences, it is extremely effective and much more fun than off-the rack lessons. Our goal is to help students become passionate musicians for life and confident in their ability to make music.

Instant Piano

This program provides a very hands on approach to learning the piano. It is suitable for students from 8 years all the way through adults. Its practical orientation will have the students play great sounding music in record time. The focus is on playing piano as an acompanying instrument. Think of it as learning guitar, but on the piano. 

Functional Ear Training

This program requires the student's complete long-term dedication. But of all the programs we teach, it is the one one that will yield the most profound results. Once mastered, the student will be able to play anything by ear - any music, any style. We provide both, highly functional relative as well as absolute pitch training courses. 


To achieve the goals outlined for each individual program, we use all currently available technologies. We believe that just because some of the music we love is 200 years old, our teaching methods don't have to be.


WunderKeys Piano For Preschoolers

Wunderkeys Piano For Preschoolers is a revolutionary and unique music program that introduces preschool children between 3 and 5 to the piano. Because it does so completely entertainingly, the little ones don't even know they are learning. It puts playing back into piano playing.


The lessons are specifically designed to introduce this age group to the fundamentals of playing piano. Observing the close relationship between Music and math, WunderKeys teaches them math fundamentals at the same time. Through this unique program our students are getting a head start in music, math, and life.

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